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Wig Customization

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of knot bleaching ?

Knot bleaching is the process in which we lighten the knots of the wig. This process illiminates any black dots in the root of wig created while the hair is added to the lace. Bleaching the knots makes the wig look more natural and give off a more scalp effect/finish. 

What does professional plucked mean?

Professional plucking is a process where a stylist strategically plucks hair from the hairline of the wig enabling it too look very natural. Professional plucking verses most factory pre-plucked wigs are different. 

What does the term Ready 2 Wear wig mean?

Ready to wear wigs mean that the wig is coming with everything already done such as ; knot bleaching, lace cutting, plucking, styling & adjustable elastic band has been added making it easy to wear straight out of the package. 

Copy of wig process-2.png
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